Steakhouse ยท Argentinian Restaurant

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con carne, pollo, maiz, jamon con queso o espinaca con queso. argentine turnovers with choice of beef, chicken, corn, ham & cheese or spinach & cheese.


argentine provolone cheese cooked on the grill with olive oil and roasted red pepper.


quesos argentinos, salami, jamon crudo, aceituna y mortadella. argentine white cheese, salami, prociutto, olives and mortadella.

Jamon Crudo con Melon

prociutto served with melon.

Jamon Crudo con Palmito y Salsa Golf

prosciutto served with hearts of palms, accompanied with argentine golf sauce.

Lengua a la Vinagreta

poached tongue marinated with vinegar, garlic and pepper.

Berenjena en Escabeche

sliced eggplant marinated in vinegar, garlic and olive oil.

Ensalada Rusa

russian salad; poached chicken breast, potatoes, carrots and peas seasoned and tossed with mayonnaise.


argentine specialty -veal rolled and cooked with vegetables. served cold.

Tortilla de Papa

served on a table top grill, with salad